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The Legend of Avinashi Temple:

Sundaramoorthy Nayanar was passing through the town of Avinashi on his way to meet Cheraman Peruman. While going along a street he observed two houses overlooking each other. He couldn't help but notice the contradictory auras emitting from both houses: one of joy and the other of sorrow. Enquiring about the event he came to know the reason behind the incongruity.Two boys, of the same age went for a swim in a river nearby. While they were having their bath a crocodile appeared all of a sudden out of no where and consumed one of them. The child who managed to survive was 8 years old and was going through his 'Upanayanam' (Sacred thread ceremony) on the specific day.

Hence one of the houses was in a joyous mood celebrating the boy's escape from the jaws of death. The other house which had lost a boy was mourning over his death and therefore was filled with sorrow. For the irony was that had the other boy been alive he too would be going through his 'Upanayanam'. Stirred by the melancholic scenario, Sundaramoorthy Nayanar prayed with all his heart to Lord Shiva for a miracle- The resurrection of the dead child. The Naynar's wish was granted by lord Shiva. The child was rejuvenated and was brought back among the living.





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